Saturday, March 17, 2012

My Take on why Raleigh has closed the YWCA

You know, it was at the YWCA on Oberlin Rd. that they held the "First Driving while Black Symposium."  The Mission of the YWCA was to empower women and eliminate racism. 

With the news of the Y's abrupt closing one can conclude they have done neither.

You would think they would want to at least make that "YWCA"  Raleigh's iconic Civil Rights Museum like the Greensboro venue.

Those in attendance that August 4, 2001 day with Shani Barrax, Racial Justice Coalition Coordinator  were: former N.C. Senator, and member of the N.C.G.A. Judiciary 1 Committee, Frank Balance; now a convicted felon; former ACLU, Executive Director, Deborah Ross, who is now a member of the N.C. General Assembly; Bryan Collins, an Attorney, and now a candidate for a Judicial seat, and who competed Feb 25, 2005 to become Wake County's first public defender were all in attendance along with WRAL, David Crabtree.

Ms. Sally Hamilton Scherrer, Esq., Attorney at Law and Mr. Trent Carmon, President of Raleigh-Apes NAACP were also present.  That diversity!

Ken Eudy, Vice President of a Public Relations entity, had 15 employees now has 35, was there and has seen need to create CapStrat, changing its name from Capital Strategy.

Those panelist, seeking racial harmony and justice then included, a black syndicated columnist, Val Atkinson; John Hood from the John Locke Foundation;  James Eshelman, one of the conveners for RTP Diversity Homesite Group;  Gregory Richardson, Executive Director North Carolina Commission On Indian affairs; Matty Lazo-chadderton, special assistant for Hispanic/Latino Affairs and Constituency Services.

Cash Michaels was also there at the "Y", then Editor of the Carolinian Newspaper, published by Kelvin Jervay. 

Recently, in the Student Newspaper of North Carolina State University, Thursday, March 1, 2012 by Shawn Thompson, Staff Writer for the Nubian Message on local media diversity, which the N & O Editor John Drescher, Executive editor of the News & Observer claims: "The Carolinian is a piece of history we ought to repect and honour, " yet neither the known activist, or writers then, or now took up my claim for First Amendment Protection; but mooning? Yes.

One weekly paper, went so far as claiming I was not a "serious candidate" for House Seat 35, because of my claim of profiling, which resulted in my $25.00 conviction and court cost for my silent digital expression to a Raleigh Police Officer, and why left-turn on red is still not law in North Carolina.

Has the "Hush" money run out?

Though my name was erroneously spelled on the program, I was one of the speakers on the program that day who was claiming racial profiling.  However, my name appeared on the program as: David Young; not Daniel Young. 

Also, on the program was Leslie Wright, and Jamil Thomas.

It would be interesting to know where they are and what they are doing now.

I'm retired, been diagnosed with prostate cancer, won the N.C.Men's Senior Game 2011, and drove my motorcycle across the United States; but still seeking justice from Black Activist Leaders i.e, Bruce Lightner, Vance County commission, Terry Garrison, Dan Blue, Larry Womble, among others like Thom Tillis, Beverly Perdue and her staff.

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